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The Danger Ahead…

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The Danger Ahead

She had been warned, but now it was too late. Her stubbornness nearly got her into serious trouble. Walking through the forest, she got lost. It was nearly half-dark when she thought that this wasn’t a great idea. “I should have listened to our Adviser not to roam around by myself” she whispered. As she turned around and decided to turn back, a big dark shadow stood up on front of her. The shadow seemed to glare at her for some reason which made her so terrified to move. Her blood in her veins seemed to stop and her face went pale as if she had seen a ghost.

A reflection of light bounced at her watch, caught from the shade of light from what is left from the sun to the dark shadow which stood before her. When she had seen a part of the dark shadow, she then realized that it was a grizzly bear staring at her. Before she could move, her bones froze as if she was paralyzed.

She didn’t know what to do, though petrify, she tried not to move or make a sound. Suddenly, commotions from her team were heard nearby which distracted the bear and fled away. She was lucky of not being hurt by this ferocious animal. Still shaking and shivering, the team tried to pacify and comfort her. In the camp they lighted a bonfire. Everybody was cautious and alert fearing of the possible attack of the bear so they decided not to sleep and wait until morning.

As the morning breaks with the sunlight penetrating through the tall trees illuminating the forest, they immediately packed their things and wait until their bus arrived near the road. The bus finally arrived and they were drove home safely.

Everyone shared their thoughts and experience with their friends. And was one of an unforgettable memory of their life in camp.

The Melamine Scare in Philippines

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The Melamine Scare in Philippines

In the Philippines, milk powder and other products exported from China has been examined because of a chemical known as melamine. This toxic chemical is mixed into other products like milk to enrich proteins contained by the product and melamine intakes cause babies to have kidney failure. But the people who bought products from China such as milk for babies have caused death and illness of babies in Philippines and around the world.  Filipinos were not aware for this toxic chemical added in the milk that was fed to babies. So the Philippine bakeries and other stores which sell products that have melamine in it are being examined and taken out. Tests found by the BFAD said that there is 12% of milk powder products produced in China. The Bureau of Food and Drug found about 56 milk products for possible melamine content. There were two China-made milk products have been found to contain traces of melamine based on initial tests of 30 food products sold in the Philippines. The head secretary of the Philippines said that 28 brands of candy, chocolate, yogurt and powdered and liquid milk would be delisted from the government ban after tests showed they were free of melamine, which had been added to milk in China. Then about 13,000 infants nationwide were hospitalized with kidney problems and at least three had died after drinking baby formula tainted in melamine. Melamine is mainly used for manufacturing in decorative laminates, amino plastics, adhesive agents, water -reducing agent and others. It could also be made into foam or manufactured of some filters, which are also extremely efficient.

About My Cat

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About My Cat

My cat, Kitty, is a cat with gray and white fur with stripes on some parts and is very adorable. He grew up at our backyard beneath the old bike-wheels with his five siblings and his mother by their side. We discovered them in our backyard which was a week after they were given birth. And our father allowed us to take a look and carry some of them and even name some. The funny part was when we tried picking them up, they tried squirming and meowing which made us wonder why. But we noticed that the mother was gone to search for their food. So we were told to leave the kittens alone so that our scent won’t be caught or smelled by the mother. As soon as the mother arrived the kittens were crying and crawling out from their shelter. After sometime we named the kittens due to some of their colors or appearance. As days have passed, Kitty was the only one who grew up here at our backyard. While his brother and sisters have gone in separate paths after their mother had left them to learn to survive on their own. Till today, our cat has grown into a loyal, healthy and sometimes lazy but we love him as much as he loves the food we give him.

If you could meet any famous person who is alive today, who would you pick and why?

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“If you could meet any famous person who is alive today, who would you pick and why?”

I want to meet Charice Pempengco because of her unbelievable talents and experience throughout the world and shows by the age of 16. Her talent of singing made her famous through You Tube then through worldwide shows. I liked her inner and outer realtionship with others in work and in public. She wouldn’t have made it through her dreams without the help from her mother who was her voice coach since she was four. And most of her relatives and family are really devoted to music. I’m also inspired by her hardworking and persevering traits which brought her to where she is today. She is gifted to singing, dancing, and other stage presence which made her achieve her highest dreams. I hope that she would keep on reaching her dreams and that soon I would meet her in personal.

A Letter to James Oglethorpe’s Father

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A Letter to James Edward Oglethorpe’s Father

Dear Father,

Today, February 14, 1733, I wrote this letter to tell all of you the good news about the colony I’ve created for our poor English citizens. Almost every day I thought of the times when you use to take care and support me on my decisions and the times when I and my brothers use to play at the docks. I often wondered how the business is going around there and if everyone is just fine. There are allot of things here to be done but don’t worry I’ll visit there after a while till the colony has fully moved on. And I might really have to return to England to secure additional funds and have the trustees formally ban rum and slavery.

For the good news, King George II has successfully granted the charter to me and the other trustees to create a new colony now known as “Georgia”. Unfortunately, some of our groups were sent to jail because of their unpaid depths. And the King hoped that Georgia would represent as a shield between South Carolina and Spanish Florida. Better yet the charter prohibited any trustee from making money on the venture. The time came when we had to choose men and women who would establish the new colony but none were from debtors’ prison because enough non-debtor colonists were found.

And I’m really looking forward that you and  brother would come and live with me in Georgia, but I understand if there are too much problems there to take care of. During my past few days we found the city of Savannah on the coast of Georgia, and colonists who lived there were German, Swiss and Welsh Protestants. However, Jewish settlers also moved to Savannah, and that is when I had high hopes for Georgia. As the colony in Georgia grew larger and larger the resident trustees devoted me to improve the colony’s defense. I then traveled to an expedition. While I was travelling I then decided to give English names to the islands we discovered surrounding the coast of Savannah.

I will continue to make the colony a better place for everyone who lives in Georgia. That’s all I have to say for now, but I would write again soon. Take care always and God bless to you all…

Your dear beloved son,

James Edward Oglethorpe

The Comparison Between M.B.C. and S.A. Religions

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The Differences and Similarities of the M.B.C. and S.A. Religions

The similarities between the religion of Massachusetts Bay Colony and Saudi Arabia. On Sundays, Puritans heard two sermons in one day, and attends weekly church meetings which brought all members of the community together. Just like in Saudi Arabia Muslims attend the mosque to hear sermons and are all together gathered at a place to pray and learn more about Islam culture. Puritans believed that women had three main duties to fulfill in marriage; they have to obey their husband, have children, and run the household. The same in Saudi Arabia, women also believed that when they get married they have to do their duties the same way.

In everyday life, education is important for the parents that their children learn their own religion by the Bible or the Quran. These both religions want peace and harmony through their settlement or kingdom for the better place for the people to live in.

Their beliefs are different from each other and the God they worship is not the same, their ways of showing their Islamic or puritan culture are different. Their aspect through life is also different from one another, like their cultural and agricultural ways they practiced. Puritans were migrated from England because of their religion and were likely to form a new colony known as “New England”. And In Puritans, religion and political finances was closely linked to one another in New England. There are laws like, government leaders were also church members, male church members were the only colonists who could vote and colonist became full members in the church by becoming what the Puritans called God’s ”elect”, or chosen.

The Colony M.B.C.

The Colony M.B.C.